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3 October | Olympia London

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Groundforce Shorco

Groundforce Shorco (Major Projects) has a large fleet of equipment combined with a first class technical team to support both designers and site personnel. The range includes an integrated Load Monitoring system for the Hydraulic Props, a class leading 500T capacity prop and Supertube extensions capable of a maximum unsupported span of 50m.

Eurocode 3
All Groundforce struts are designed to comply with the requirements set out in EN1993. Checks are made for the local resistance of all components, such as, swivel pins, bearing plates, and flanged connections. A global resistance is calculated for the effects such as buckling that are dependent of the overall strut length. This ensures that every last detail of the strut is sufficiently safe and backed up by comprehensive calculation and testing.

BIM & Digital Engineering
Groundforce’s technical team use BIM and Digital Engineering to ensure a consistent level of design accuracy. By utilising shared models during the design process, Groundforce can ensure they are designing to current and accurate scheme information.

In line with the Government mandate for level 2 BIM, Groundforce are ensuring that they are fully equipped to work with clients to a standard and platform which best suits them. Groundforce Engineers and Technicians are trained and certified by external suppliers to ensure that we can meet this challenge.

Back to the Drawing Board
Development Manager Steven Lloyd has taken to YouTube to launch a series of innovative engineering discussion videos aimed at showcasing our commitment to knowledge sharing. With a new video each month, Steven discusses topics such as excavation surcharges, classification of steel sections, hydraulic prop design to Eurocodes and much more. Watch here (

For more information from our Major Projects team, please contact 0845 602 9963

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